Phir raat kati aur din nikla
Jab din nikla toh raat chadhi
Phir preet ki aaisi ding badhi
Rab raakha beliya 
Heyyy ho, Heyyy ho…

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30-Day Bollywood Soundtrack Challenge

Day 6: A Song that you can chill to.

Minnat Kare from Paheli. This song is just so calming and gorgeous. I love Shreya Goshal’s voice :)

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Bollywood Challenge: Day Three - Favorite Bollywood girl

This one is tough for me as well, because I love a lot of the BW actresses. However, I finally decided that the actress that I consistently like the most is Rani Mukherjee.

I find myself smiling every time I see her onscreen. Her eyes, her smile, her voice, her dancing, her facial expressions - all of them are unique, beautiful, and compelling.

Favorites with Rani: Paheli, Bil Dole Hadippa, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hum tum

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Watching Paheli

Me: HOLY COW could this get any better?

Me: Freaky …